Diocesan Court Proceedings

CUL: EDR B/2/21

f 79v (28 March)

Iohannes Sutton. Notatur that he did abuse and prophane the Sabboth daie, by playing the Minstrell for certaine dancers of the morrice, being of the parishe of Thetforde, who daunced from towne to towne & so to wilberton ffeast, aswell in service tyme as otherwise, to the displeasure of Almightie God, & the offence of many. Emanauit Citacio pro eodem Sutton in xiijum Decembris 1604. Et 13o decembris 1604 predicto exhibita Citacione predicta per Willelmum Olecorne Apparitorem, certificauit se personaliter citasse dictum Sutton ad comparendum istis &c qui preconizatus Comparuit et articulo ei obiecto fasus est eundem esse verum, saving that he saith he did it not in service tyme. vnde dominus eundem Sutton cum pia monitione ab officio suo dimisit./

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    • 1604: underlined
    • 1604: underlined
  • Record Translation

    f 79v (28 March)

    John Sutton. It is reported (English). A citation was issued for the same Sutton on 13 December 1604. And on 13 December 1604, the said citation having been shown to the aforesaid (Sutton) by William Olecorne, apparitor, he certified that he had cited in person the said Sutton to appear for these (matters), etc, and, he having been summoned, appeared, and admitted that the article charged against him was true (English) wherefore the lord (judge) dismissed the same Sutton from his office with a solemn warning.

  • Document Description

    Record title: Diocesan Court Proceedings
    Repository: CUL
    Shelfmark: EDR B/2/21
    Repository location: Cambridge

    1600–6; Latin and English; paper; i + 194; 308mm x 205mm; contemporary foliation (separate letter 282mm x 171mm, whole leaf sewn to f 18v, note 64mm x 149mm pinned to f 44v); good condition, some worm damage from f 129; contemporary parchment binding, pen flourishes and drawing of insect on back, on front in later hand: 'Acta ex officio mero| a 1600 usque ad 1605,' in contemporary hand, 'Pro Decanato|' Eliensis| 1600,' spine has paper label: 'S.'

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