Papers Concerning Ely (A)

CUL: EDC 14/9

p 218 (Dean Tyndall's reasons for firing headmaster Pamplyn)


fforthly, in the one End of the Schoole he kept his Daughter, & Certen boorders, She beinge Suspected to be of very loose behaviour, as the Carriage of her Selfe did pertely shewe, for She would not Stick to put one boyes apparell, & lett boyes putt one hers, & Com into the Schoole, in his Absence & daunce amongeste the boyes. And moreover where their Should be a teachinge Schoole in the day tyme for the boyes, by her meanes it was made a dauncinge Schoole at xij a Clock in the Night, & Sometimes all the Night longe. Whither did resorte (& by her meanes sometimes were Called) Mennes Wives, Womens husbands, Mennes, seruaunts & Children to be disordered.


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    Record title: Papers Concerning Ely (A)
    Repository: CUL
    Shelfmark: EDC 14/9
    Repository location: Cambridge

    In 1609 Humphrey Tyndall (1549–1614), fellow of Pembroke Hall, president of Queens' College and a vice-chancellor of the University, and dean of the King's School, Ely, dismissed the headmaster William Pamplyn (d. c 1612). The record of his dismissal is entitled 'Some of the reasons wherefore Mr. Doctor Tyndall, Deane of Ely, discharged one Mr. Pamplyn, late Schoolmaster of Ely, from his place.' It includes, in addition to this charge brought against his daughter (likely Anna), which was left off the final list ('This was ceass'd'), accusations that Pamplyn taught an irregular curriculum, avoided both teaching and mass, and charged extraordinary bribes for entry into the school (see the Introduction, 'Historical Background: The King's School, Ely,' and 'Performance Traditions: School Drama'). The document is found in a collection of transcripts assembled by Thomas Jones in the early eighteenth century and subsequently copied and simplified by James Bentham. No original seems to survive (Owen and Thurley, King's School, p 55).

    early 18th-c.; Latin and English; paper; vii + 217 + ii; 344mm x 229mm; contemporary 18th-c. ink pagination, first leaf omitted from pagination and unnumbered; good condition; modern red leather covered wood boards, stitched binding.

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