Lady North's Household Accounts

BL: Stowe MS 774, vol I

f 5 (1 January) (Gifts, Rewards)


geven mistrells v s....


f 5v (8–10 January) (Gifts, rewards)

... minstrells iij li....


  • Footnotes
    • mistrells: for minstrells; abbreviation mark missing
  • Document Description

    Record title: Lady North's Household Accounts
    Repository: BL
    Shelfmark: Stowe MS 774, vol I
    Repository location: London

    Lady Dorothy North (née Dale, 1560–1618), was the only daughter of Dr Valentine Dale (c 1520–89), civil lawyer, resident ambassador in Paris, 15 April 1573–October 1576, dean of Wells and canon residentiary, 8 January 1574–89, and master of Requests (possibly by 1564, but definitely from 1576–89), and Elizabeth Forth (d. 1590), daughter of Dr Robert Forth (d. 1595). John and Dorothy resided at Kirtling Hall, the manor where George North wrote his 'A Brief Discourse of Rebellion and Rebels' (see the Introduction, 'Historical Background: Cambridgeshire Families'). John and Dorothy had four sons, Dudley North (bap. 1582, d. 1666), third Baron North, Sir John North, KB, Roger North, the navigator, and Gilbert, and two daughters, Elizabeth, who married William Horsey, son of Sir Jerome Horsey, and Mary, who married Sir Francis Coningsby of South Mimms, Hertfordshire. Dorothy remarried in 1604 (Michael Hicks, 'Dale, Valentine (c. 1520–1589), civil lawyer and diplomat' ODNB, accessed 28 September 2021; HPO, accessed 28 September 2021; D.J.B. Trim, 'North, Sir John (c 1550–1597), soldier and traveller,' ODNB, accessed 28 September 2021).

    1575–1582; English; paper; 170 leaves; 295mm x 205mm, 19th-c. pencil foliation superceding 2 earlier ink foliations; bound with vol 2 in modern leather binding, title in gold spine: 'Lord North's | Household | Book | 1576–1589. | Brit. Mus. | Stowe | 774.'

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