Anglesey Prior's Accounts

CRO: L1/29

mb [5] (29 September–29 September) (Gifts of the prior)


Item computat datum Willelmo pochwykes cantori domini regis ludenti vj s. viij d.... Item datum cuidam menestrello domini regis vj d.... Item cuidam menestrello iiij d....

  • Footnotes
    • cantori: n written over another letter
  • Record Translation

    mb [5] (29 September–29 September) (Gifts of the prior)


    Likewise he renders account of 6s 8d given to William Pochwykes, the lord king's singer who performed... Likewise of 6d given to a certain minstrel of the lord king... Likewise of 4d to a certain minstrel...

  • Document Description

    Record title: Anglesey Prior's Accounts
    Repository: CRO
    Shelfmark: L1/29
    Repository location: Cambridge

    Anglesey Priory was an Augustinian priory, founded probably as a hospital before it became a priory, sometime before 1212. In 1356–7 Richard Wratting was prior, having been elected in 1352. A smaller house (there were nine canons resident at the visitation of Bishop Goodrich in 1534), Anglesey fell under the 1536 Act of Suppression and was surrendered before 7 August of that year. The original priory is in ruins and the site is now occupied by the Anglesey Abbey house, which was built in the early seventeenth century and is now held by the National Trust (VCH: Cambridgeshire, vol 2, pp 229–34, British History Online,, accessed 18 September 2021; VCH: Cambridgeshire, vol 10, pp 196–205 British History Online,, accessed 18 September 2021; 'Anglesey Abbey, Gardens and Lode Mill,' accessed 18 September 2021). For further details, see the Introduction, 'Historical Background: Religious Institutions.'

    The Anglesey prior's accounts are one item in a series of records held at the Cambridgeshire Archives, given over by Francis & Co of Cambridge, solicitors. Other records within the Francis & Co Cambridgeshire manorial court records series relevant to Anglesey include (L1/29–L1/32), the compotus rolls of Richard de Wratting, prior of Anglesey (1352–after 1362), Eudo Impington, receiver-general of the priory of Anglesey (1431–1432, L1/30), and later rolls dating from 1491–2, collected by Thomas Gregener, and Brothers Thomas Dunham and William Colchester, custos of the Chapel of the Blessed Virgin Mary. Other records pertaining to the accounts of Anglesey Priory are housed at The National Archives, including a detailed rental of possessions of the priory from 1379–80 in Great Wilbraham, Little Wilbraham, and Quy (SC 11/97).

    The accounting year is Michaelmas to Michaelmas.

    1356–7; Latin; parchment; 5 membranes, attached serially, writing on dorse continues on reverse of last membrane; 130mm x 230–730mm x 230mm; unnumbered; fair condition, small tear and some staining to mb [1], contemporary stitching to repair large tear down entirety of mb [3].

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