Confession and Certification of Thomas Oliver

CUL: MS Add.6605, item 207

single sheet (March)

A confession to be made by °Thomas
of Parson Drove°

The saeid partie shall vppon Sonday beinge the ⸢fourth⸣ xxjth day of Iuly next cominge come forth of his seate<.> in the parish church of Parson ‸⸢Drove⸣ aforesaied into the middle allye there ymmediately after the readinge of the gospel and there shall stand and with a loude voice shall say and confesse as followeth viz

°Good neighbors I acknowledge & confesse that I have offended almighty god and by my evill example you all for that th I did Dawnce in prayers time vpon the Saboth day with mens servauntes & children at vnlawful times and beinge admonished thereof by the Officers made a tushe at the same in scorninge manner for which I am moste harteley sory and I aske god & you all moste hartely forgivenes for the same promiseinge by gods helpe never to offend hereafter in the like againe./°

And of the doeinge hereof hee shall vnder the handes of the minister and churchwardens there parsonally certifie togeather with these presentes wednesday beinge the xxjth day of Iuly next comeinge at St Peters church in Wisbeche And then & there receive such further order herein as shall be appointed./

Concordat cum actis curie

Ita testor (signed) Thomas Amy Notarius Publicus

single sheet verso (18 July)

The partie herin named Thomas oliver haue made such Confession as he was Inioyned by these presentes in parsondroue Church the 18 daye of Iulij befor the holle Congregation after the Reading of the gospell in wytnes whereof we haue put to our handes and names the said 18 daye of Iulij

per me Christoferum Tunnye Eliensis

(signed) William Iohnson °Churchwardenes°

°Edward X Tenyson°


  • Marginalia
    • <..> Die mensis
      martij 1595./

      [Footnotes: <..>: characters lost to tear at top left corner; 1595: underlined]

  • Footnotes
    • <..>: characters lost to tear at top left corner
    • 1595: underlined
    • testor: for testator; abbreviation mark missing
    • Concordat … Publicus: 'He agrees with the acts of the court. Thus witness (signed) Thomas Amy, public notary'
    • haue: for has or hath
  • Document Description

    Record title: Confession and Certification of Thomas Oliver
    Repository: CUL
    Shelfmark: MS Add.6605, item 207
    Repository location: Cambridge

    The following record is drawn from a wide-ranging compilation of records, including nearly every parish in the diocese and ranging from 1595 to 1678, gathered together in the twentieth century. It includes citations, depositions, interrogations, letters from incumbents or churchwardens to the court registrar, forms of confessions or penance, accounts, and inventories.

    March 1595/6–18 July 1596; English and Latin; paper; single sheet; 150mm x 202mm; addressed on verso in same hand as the confession on the recto 'To my loving frend Mr Tuny of Parson Drove giue thes,' now numbered 207 and mounted into conservation frames in volume with other formerly loose papers.

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