Answers to Bishop Matthew Wren's Inquiry

CUL: EDR B/9/1

f [10] (15 January) (St Edward's parish)


9        Item to the 9 article wee the Churchwardens haue not suffered ye Church, Churchyard or Chapell to be prophaned by playes feastes, Banquetes, Drinkings or anie other games wrestlings or Danceings at anie time acted kept or held in them


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    Record title: Answers to Bishop Matthew Wren's Inquiry
    Repository: CUL
    Shelfmark: EDR B/9/1
    Repository location: Cambridge

    Matthew Wren (1585–1667) was bishop of Ely from 20 March 1638 until his death in 1667. The answers of St Edward's parish, Cambridge, to his 1638 inquiry (see Bishop Matthew Wren's Visitation Articles, 1638) are included in a collection of eighty churchwardens' presentments dating from 1582 to 1711. The responses from most parishes to the 147 questions tended to be brief. Wren's reforming efforts were met with criticism and are discussed in the 1640 petition against him (see Petition against Bishop Wren, 1640 and Palmer, Episcopal Visitation Returns, pp 73–5).

    The answers are printed in Palmer, Episcopal Visitation Returns.

    1639; English; paper; 15 leaves in 4 gatherings; 201mm x 150mm; unfoliated (note concerning St Edward's almshouse pinned to f [14]); good condition; no cover.

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