Treasurer's Accounts


mb 2 (29 September–29 September) (Gifts and rewards)


...Datum histrionibus domini Regis in festo translacionis Sancte Etheldrede virginis ex consuetudine xx s. Datum inter alios tibicinos ad tunc iiij s.... Datum iiijor lusoribus coram domino priore in festo sancti Stephani ludentes ij s. Datum alijs quatuor lusoribus in festo sancti thome iij s. iiij d.... Datum inter alios quinque lusoribus in die apparacionis domini iij s. iiij d.... Datum tibicinis Domini Regis iij s. iiij d....


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    mb 2 (29 September–29 September) (Gifts and Rewards)


    Given to entertainers of the lord king on the feast of the translation of St Ethelred the virgin by custom, 10s. Given (to be divided) among others, pipers, at that time, 4s... Given to four players playing before the lord prior on the feast of St Stephen, 2s. Given to four other players on the feast of St Thomas, 3s 4d... Given (to be divided) among five other players on the day of the Epiphany, 3s 4d... Given to pipers of the lord king, 3s 4d...


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    Record title: Treasurer's Accounts
    Repository: TNA
    Shelfmark: SC6/HENVIII/7162
    Repository location: Kew

    An abbot had been resident at Ely Priory since 970, when Byrhtnoth, or Brithnoth (d. 996) was selected as the first abbot. From 1109 the prelate of the new bishopric of Ely served also as the abbot, beginning with Hervey le Breton (d. 1131) (A.F. Wareham, 'Byrhtnoth (d. 996), abbot of Ely' ODNB, accessed 9 September 2021; VCH: Cambridgeshire, vol 2, pp 199–210, British History Online,, accessed 9 September 2021; see also the Introduction, 'Historical Background: Religious Institutions'). Probable locations for performance would include either the great hall of the Bishop's Palace, the cathedral great hall, or the prior's hall. At the end of the fifteenth century, and during the administration of John Alcock (1430–1500), bishop of Ely, 1468–1500, the great hall of the Bishop's Palace was constructed at the west end of the cathedral. The prior's house – now the 'Eighth Canonry' – located at the southwest end of the cathedral nave, was built in the twelfth century, but renovated through the thirteenth and fourteenth centuries. Between the prior's personal house and the cathedral, there are two halls, the prior's great hall and the cathedral great hall. The prior's house had also a study and a kitchen, which joined the house to the Ely Cathedral guest house. Finally, to the west of the prior's house is the Queen's hall, built about 1330 for the reception of Queen Philippa (R.J. Schoeck, 'Alcock, John (1430–1500), administrator and bishop of Ely,' ODNB, accessed 9 September 2021; VCH: Cambridgeshire, vol 4, pp 77–82, British History Online,, accessed 9 September 2021; W.D. Sweeting, The Cathedral Church of Ely (London, 1902), 123).

    1517–18; Latin; parchment; 3 membranes attached serially; mbs 1–2: 620 mm x 250mm, mb 3: 175mm x 250mm; unnumbered (writing on dorse begins and ends on mb 1); contemporary parchment wrapping sewn to mb 1.

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