Berkshire, Reading, 1385–6

Cofferers' Accounts of the Gild Merchant (A)

Macray: 'Corporation of Reading'


p 172 (29 September–29 September) (Mayor's accounts)


..."Ludentibuss de Wokyngham," ij s.


  • Record Translation

    p 172 (Mayor's accounts)


    ...2s for the players from Wokingham.


  • Document Description

    Record title: Cofferers' Accounts of the Gild Merchant (A)
    Author: Macray
    Work title: 'Corporation of Reading'

    The broken run of early Reading rolls were surveyed by William Macray for the Historical Manuscript Commission in 1888 ('Corporation of Reading,' pp 167–227). Fourteen rolls before 1413 seen by Macray are no longer extant. Those for 1363–4, 1366–7, 1367–8, 1378–9, and 1384–5 were used by Norman Gibbs in his Oxford doctoral thesis in 1935. All had disappeared by 1960 (Slade, Reading Gild Accounts, pt 1, pp xvii–xxii). There has been speculation that the disappearance was as a result of enemy action during the Second World War when Reading, by then an important railway centre, was heavily bombed. Macray does not record the accounting year, but later MS evidence indicates that it was Michaelmas to Michaelmas.

    Macray, 'Corporation of Reading,' pp 167–227.

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