Berkshire, Reading, 1430–1

Cofferers' Accounts of the Gild Merchant

BRO: R/FA2/20

single mb (29 September–29 September) (Allowances)


...Et de iij s. iiij d. solutis palustratoribus apud Perkyns ... Et de xx d. solutis alez Mynstrelles Ducis Gloucestris ad ientaculum Maioris...


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    • xx d.: underlined
  • Record Translation

    single mb (Allowances)


    ...And (they seek allowance) of 3s 4d paid to the wrestlers at Perkyns' (house).... And of 20d paid to the minstrels of the duke of Gloucester at the mayor's repast....


  • Glossed Terms
    • alez comp prep phr to the; used to introduce a vernacular word in an otherwise Latin passage
    • ientaculum, -i n nt in CL a light early morning refreshment, breakfast; in AL sometimes a more substantial festive meal; gentaculum, -i
  • Endnote

    Slade lists John Veyre as mayor in 1430–1, while Guilding lists John Kyrkby as mayor (Reading Gild Accounts, pt 2, p 195; Reading Records, vol 1, p xxxviii). Slade has John Kyrkby serving the next year (Reading Gild Accounts, pt 2, pp 195–6). Slade is correct. The two historians were working with their own documents. The heading of the Cofferer's Account that ran from Michaelmas 1430–1 states that John Veyre is mayor. The first document from the Diary of the Corporation that Guilding publishes is dated 7 December 10 Henry VI 'tempore Johannis Kyrkeby, Majoris' (Reading Records, vol 1, p 1). The tenth year of Henry VI ran from 1 September 1431–31 August 1432. Guilding must have mistaken the dates of the regnal year.

    John Kyrkby was a parishioner at St Laurence and is listed as giving 6s 8d to the church in 1440 (Kerry, Municipal Church of St Lawrence, p 12).

    In May, 1430–1, Humphrey, duke of Gloucester (who was regent for his nine-year-old nephew, Henry VI, that year) suppressed a Lollard uprising in the Abingdon area led by a weaver, William Perkins, alias Mandeville, who took the alias 'Jack Sharpe.' Perkins was tried, convicted, and executed. Gloucester and his household would have been in Berkshire during that time (M.E. Aston, 'Lollardy and Sedition 1381–1431,' Past and Present 17.1 (April 1960), 24–9.

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    Record title: Cofferers' Accounts of the Gild Merchant
    Repository: BRO
    Shelfmark: R/FA2/20
    Repository location: Reading

    Although the manuscripts are badly damaged, all evidence supports an accounting year of Michaelmas to Michaelmas.

    1430–1; Latin; parchment roll; single membrane; 660mm x 260mm; written on both sides; repaired.

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