Berkshire, Reading, 1498–9
BRO: D/P 97/5/2

p 1 (25 March–25 March) (Receipts)


Item receyved of hok money gaderyd of women xx s.
Item receyved of hok money gaderid of men iiij s.
Item receyved of the gaderyng of Robyn hod xix s.
Item receyved of the gaderyng of a Stage play xvij s.


p 3 (Expenses)


Item payed for horsemete to the horssys for the kynges of colen on may day vj d.
Item payed to mynstrelles the same day xij d.


  • Marginalia
    • °Nota quod licet
      nota valet
  • Footnotes
    • hok ... gaderyd: ie, during Hocktide, 23–4 April 1498
    • Nota ... valet: 'Note that it is allowed; note it is valid'
  • Glossed Terms
    • colen n in phr kynges of colen the kings of Cologne, or wise men of the East from the Christmas story, so called because a shrine in Cologne Cathedral purportedly contained their relics [OEDO cologne n b]
    • gatheryng vb n collection, here used to refer specifically to the act of collecting money for the parish; gaderyng gathering; gatheringe; gatherynge;
  • Endnote

    The end of the accounts for 1498–9, the entire account for 1499–1500, and the beginning of the account for 1500–1 are missing. Joan Dils in her recent edition of these records suggests that they were written on four sheets torn from the book before the modern pagination was done by Charles Kerry when he was preparing his history of the church that was published in 1883 (St Laurence Churchwardens' Accounts, pt 1, p 6). Doran records an entry for 1498–9 from the end of this account year that is now missing: 'Paid for livery, on our fair day 1 s 4 d' (Town and Borough of Reading, p 145).

  • Document Description

    Record title: St Laurence's Churchwardens' Accounts
    Repository: BRO
    Shelfmark: D/P 97/5/2
    Repository location: Reading

    The churchwardens rendered their accounts on the feast of the Annunciation (25 March) until 1516 when they adopted the Michaelmas–Michaelmas pattern rendering their accounts on 29 September.

    1498–1626; English; paper; 250 leaves; 330mm x 225mm; modern pagination; some display capitals; pp 1–2, 490–3 are separated but have been repaired and put separately in a brown paper wrapper; bound in boards covered in parchment, title on front cover: 'The Book of the | Church-Wardens Accounts | of the Parish | of | St Laurence.'

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