Berkshire, Reading, 1540–1
BRO: D/P 97/5/2

p 220 (29 September–29 September) (Receipts)


Received of men & women gaderyd at hocktyde xxxij s.


Received of the kyng game this yere iij li. viij s.


p 222 (Expenses)


payd for paper & makeyng of liuerreis agaynst ffayre day v d.


  • Footnotes
    • hocktyde: 25–6 April 1541
    • kyng game: likely held at Whitsuntide, 5–7 June 1541
  • Glossed Terms
    • kinge n in phr kinge ale, kingal, kingale, kingalle, kingeale, kyng ale, kyngale, kyngalle, kynge ale, kyngeale king ale, an inversion of order event in which a king — typically a local young man or farmer — was appointed to preside over the festival; kyng game, kynges game, king play, kynges play, kyng play synonymous with king ale; in phr king halle, kyng halle king hall, likely a bower built for the king of the king ale
    • lyverey n livery, here a badge used as proof of payment for entry to a fair; lever; liuerrei; lyueray; lyuerei; lyuerey; lyvere; lyverie; lyverye
  • Endnote

    From its place in the accounts the 'Fair day' was probably Philip and James (1 May).

  • Document Description

    Record title: St Laurence's Churchwardens' Accounts
    Repository: BRO
    Shelfmark: D/P 97/5/2
    Repository location: Reading

    The churchwardens rendered their accounts on the feast of the Annunciation (25 March) until 1516 when they adopted the Michaelmas–Michaelmas pattern rendering their accounts on 29 September.

    1498–1626; English; paper; 250 leaves; 330mm x 225mm; modern pagination; some display capitals; pp 1–2, 490–3 are separated but have been repaired and put separately in a brown paper wrapper; bound in boards covered in parchment, title on front cover: 'The Book of the | Church-Wardens Accounts | of the Parish | of | St Laurence.'

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