Berkshire, Windsor, 1626–7

'Ashmole's Antiquities of Berkshire' (A)

Bodl.: Ashmole 1126

f 121


To the Serjant Trumpeters xx s.
To the Trumpeters xl s.


To the King's Jester x s.


  • Endnote

    Ashmole had access to many account books and other municipal records that have now disappeared. Unfortunately he noted only two sixteenth-century entries that involved possible performances before this one (one from a Chamberlain's Roll for 1561–2 and another for 1594–5 'the Booke called the Maiors Booke of New Windsor beginning anno 1559') and one from 1603–4 taken 'Ex Libro C.' In each the word 'entertainment' is used often in the context of a feast.

    This entry is part of the occasion of Charles I's first residence in Windsor Castle after his succession on 27 March 1625.

  • Document Description

    Record title: 'Ashmole's Antiquities of Berkshire' (A)
    Repository: Bodl.
    Shelfmark: Ashmole 1126
    Repository location: Oxford

    Elias Ashmole (1617–92) was appointed Windsor Herald in 1660 and, as he records, 'had Henry viii closet assigned for my use.' During the twelve years until his retirement from the post in 1672, Ashmole compiled this book of excerpts from Windsor material dated 1474–1659. It was used as the source of his posthumously published Antiquities of Berkshire.

    1660–72; English and Latin; paper; ii + 247 + ii; 325mm x 204mm; modern pencil foliation 1–134, followed by 85 unnumbered blanks, one numbered 220, followed by 12 more blanks (also preceded by 16 unnumbered blanks following the 2 flyleaves); good condition; no decoration but most pages have all 4 margins ruled in red; bound in soft calf, clasps still intact, large gilt crest stamped (Ashmole's personal crest?) in centre of both covers, gold-stamped number 'XXX' on small leather strip, with the gold-stamped title below still visible: 'ASH: 112<.>' (leather strip lost).

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