Berkshire, Wantage, 1610–11
Bodl.: MS. Top. Berks c.44

f 68 (Rendered 1 May) (Receipts)


ffirst the Accomptantes Charge themselves with the money made of the Whitson Ale ix li. x s.


Received for the May pole iij s. viij d.


f 68v (Payments)


Item payd Nicholas Auger for worke done about our whitson sportes ix d.


  • Footnotes
    • Whitson: 27–9 May 1610
  • Glossed Terms
    • clere adj and adv clear, without encumbrance, liability, debt, etc; net profit [OEDO clear adj, adv, and n 16.a]; cleare; clearely; clearlie; clearly; cleere; cleerelye; cleerlye; cler; clerely; clerelye; clerly; clerlye
  • Endnote

    The following memorandum appears on f 66v: 'Item Iohn Snodham & his fellowe Churchwardens for this present yeare 1610 doe shewe to the parishe that there is made of the whitson sportes this yeare clearly all charges paid which they offer to the consideracion of the parishe for the present imployment thereof ix li. x s.'

    The accounts for 1609 record £4 5s 1d from the taxation (f 65), but by the end of the year after heavy expenditures the parish was in debt 30s 8d (f 66 v). The ale in 1610 was clearly an attempt to recoup the loss.

    The first entry in the actual accounts that were rendered on May 1, 1611, reflect the same amount being properly recorded as income for 1610–11.

    The Auger family was one of the dozen local families whose members undertook the position of churchwarden over the span of these records. The families include the Aldworths, the Augers, the Clements, the Culls, the Daniells, the Johnsons, the Louths, the Maryotts, the Snadoms, the Talbooths, the Tubbs, the Webbs, and the Wickes. These names with different given names appear again and again in the memos naming the wardens. There were two Nicholas Augers – this man who was warden in 1615–16 and one from an earlier generation who was warden 1568–9. There were also three John Augers (wardens in 1566–7, 1580–1, and 1591–2), two William Augers (wardens in 1593–4 and 1606–7), and one Stephen Auger (warden in 1574–5).

  • Document Description

    Record title: St Peter and St Paul's Churchwardens' Accounts
    Repository: Bodl.
    Shelfmark: MS. Top. Berks c.44
    Repository location: Oxford

    The rendering dates of the accounts are not tied to feast days. Before 1600 they were rendered mostly in April but in the seventeenth century they were sometimes rendered later in the year. Four churchwardens were elected each year – two from Wantage and one each from the village of Grove and the combined communities of Charlton and (West) Lockinge. The date when the new wardens were elected and the date when they received the accounts for the preceding year from the old wardens is often not the same, so it is not always possible to provide exact accounting years. The dates of the election of the chuchwardens have been noted in endnotes when they are known.

    1565–1656; English; paper; i + 154 + i; 296mm x195mm; modern foliation (including ff 32a and 32b, 36a and 36b); bound in boards with modern maroon vinyl covering, gold-stamped title on spine: 'Wantage Churchwardens Accounts | MS | Top. Berks. | C.44.'

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