Berkshire, Childrey, 1577–8
BRO: D/P 35/5/1

p 20 (15 April–6 April) (Receipts)


Item receyved for the churches ale all thinges discharged iij li. xiij s. ij d. qua


  • Endnote

    The heading of this account reads 'lowe sonday being the viijth of April.' Low Sunday in 1578 was 6 April and has been so dated.

  • Document Description

    Record title: St Mary's Churchwardens' Accounts
    Repository: BRO
    Shelfmark: D/P 35/5/1
    Repository location: Reading

    The normal accounting year was from Low Sunday (the first Sunday after Easter) to Low Sunday. The book served the parish for many years not only as an account book but also as a place to record important financial transactions.

    1568–1688; English; paper; iv + 203 + ii; 305mm x 200mm; modern ink pagination to p 195 (blank pages unnumbered); bound in cardboard covered with thin tooled brown soft leather tattered at edges.

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