Berkshire, Reading, 1555–6
BRO: D/P 98/5/1

p 33 (12 April–3 April) (Receipts)


Receaved of the wymen at hoctyde xxij s. viij d.
Receaved of the men iiij s. viij d.
Receaved of the maydes xvj s. xj d.
Receaved of the men vij s. viij d.

p 34

Receaved of the maydens iij s. vj d. & xviij d.
Receaved of the maydens iiij s. ij d.


Receaved ffor Hocmonay & whytsontydemonney vj li. ix s. vij d.


Memorandum to be deducted owt of the forsayed some of vj li. ix s. vij d. the some of xix s. and so the hole Charge is

p 35 (Expenses)


In primis paid to Christofer Tapester xx d.
paid for bawderyckes for belles xij d. ob.
paid ffor Bredd xij d.
paid ffor Calves Hedds xv d.
paid ffor ffleshe vj s. vj d.
paid ffor more ffleshe xxiij d.
paid for bred and drink vj d.
paid for spices xj d.
paid for butter ij d.
paid for otemele and salte xiij d.
paid for bere ij s. viij d.
paid to the hostler ij d.
paid for a barrell of Bere ij s. viij d.
paid for ijo pere of showes xviij d.
paid for vj pare of showes iiij s. iiij d.


p 36


paid to the mynstrells xxvj s. viij d.
paid for bere xiij s. iiij d.
paid for a Capp and ijo fethers xviij d.


paid for lyveryes xvj d.
paid to the singers xij d.
paid for ther dynners iiij s. ix d.
paid for ther Suppers iij s. vj d.
paid more for lyveryes viij d.
paid for iiij bushells of whete x s.
paid for a Calfe viij s. viij d.
paid for iij quarters of mutton iij s.
paid for iij dossen of bells xviij d.


paid for a sholder of mutten and a quarter of lamb and the portinaunce xviij d.
paid for butter v d.


paid for the mynstrells bord xiij s. iiij d.


paid for the wymens sopper at hoctyde iij s. iiij d.

. ..

  • Footnotes
    • hoctyde: 22–3 April 1555
    • whytsontyde: 2–4 June 1555
    • is: The line ends here without giving a value.
  • Glossed Terms
    • bawderyck n baldric, a belt worn across the breast and used to support items such as swords or musical instruments
    • lyverey n livery, here a badge used as proof of payment for entry to a fair; lever; liuerrei; lyueray; lyuerei; lyuerey; lyvere; lyverie; lyverye
    • portinaunce n viscera, the interior organs of an animal
  • Endnote

    The Hocktide receipt entries on the foot of p 33 follow a long series of what appears to be, in the main, parish rates headed by a gift of 40s from Thomas Vachell, the son of Thomas Vachell who had died in 1553.

    The payments on pp 35 and 36 are both full and tantalizing. No dates are given for the feasting. All the expenses for the year are transcribed here except those that are clearly building expenses. There is no clear combination of expenses that would add up to the 19s that was to be deducted from the Whitsuntide profit. The capital expenses for costumesshoes, coats, surplices (and the buckram to make them), cap, feathers, and morris bells – come to 17s 8d. The addition of the liveries makes the total too high. Perhaps this explains why the amount of the 'whole Charge' was not entered on p 34.

  • Document Description

    Record title: St Mary's Churchwardens' Accounts
    Repository: BRO
    Shelfmark: D/P 98/5/1
    Repository location: Reading

    The yearly accounts, in our period rendered on Good Friday, begin on p 33 with the accounts for 1555–6. The accounts to 1675 then follow on numbered pages. Subsequent accounts are also not paginated. The later parts of the book contain miscellaneous church records, including coloured plans for the church bound into the book at the year 1837. At the year 1885 there is a note on the improvement of the churchyard with a coloured plan.

    1547–1907; English; paper with parchment flyleaves; ii + 415 + ii; 385mm x 275mm; modern pagination (4 unnumbered leaves, 128 leaves paginated 1–255 followed by 217 unnumbered leaves taking the accounts to 1907, these are followed by 66 blank leaves); some display capitals, later entries ruled in red; bound in tooled brown leather fraying at the edges, title stamped on front cover: 'Parish of St Mary | Reading | Churchwardens' Register | 1547 to (blank).'

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