Berkshire, Reading, 1589–90
BRO: D/P 98/5/1

p 101 (28 March 1589–17 April 1590) (Expenses)


Item payed at the vicitacion for emanell musichins bill xiiij d.
Item payed to bonamye for caryinge the collectid monye for Emanell mvsichins to oxford iij d.


  • Endnote

    These musicians seem to be from Emmanuel College, Cambridge. The only other expense related to the visitation is 2d paid to prepare the presentments (p 100). Bonamy seems to have been a messenger occasionally employed by the parish. Earlier in the same account he is paid 4d for carrying money to Oxford that had been gathered for (purpose illegible) (p 100). Four years earlier, in 1585, he receives the same sum for 'bringinge of the prayer for the Queenes Maiestie' (p 91).

  • Document Description

    Record title: St Mary's Churchwardens' Accounts
    Repository: BRO
    Shelfmark: D/P 98/5/1
    Repository location: Reading

    The yearly accounts, in our period rendered on Good Friday, begin on p 33 with the accounts for 1555–6. The accounts to 1675 then follow on numbered pages. Subsequent accounts are also not paginated. The later parts of the book contain miscellaneous church records, including coloured plans for the church bound into the book at the year 1837. At the year 1885 there is a note on the improvement of the churchyard with a coloured plan.

    1547–1907; English; paper with parchment flyleaves; ii + 415 + ii; 385mm x 275mm; modern pagination (4 unnumbered leaves, 128 leaves paginated 1–255 followed by 217 unnumbered leaves taking the accounts to 1907, these are followed by 66 blank leaves); some display capitals, later entries ruled in red; bound in tooled brown leather fraying at the edges, title stamped on front cover: 'Parish of St Mary | Reading | Churchwardens' Register | 1547 to (blank).'

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