BRO: R/AG 1/4


f 8cv


Item it is further ordayned & agreed by the said Maior & Burgisses & theier said commen Councell that ther shalbe no Bearebayting nor Bullbayting within the said Boroughe or the liberties of the same on the Sabbothe day during the service time vppon payne of it xij d. for euery time vppon the housholder where the said Bayting shalbe/

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    Record title: Tanners' and Leathersellers' Ordinances
    Repository: BRO
    Shelfmark: R/AG 1/4
    Repository location: Reading

    c 1570; English; paper; 19 leaves; 207mm x 157mm; modern foliation, foliated 1c–18c, last folio unnumbered; some decorated capitals; folios conserved and tied into grey cardboard untitled covers with green cloth spine, on f 1c is the title: 'The Booke of the names and | mannes of the Tanners & Lethersellers Companye.'

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