BRO: D/P 8/5/1

f 4v (20 April–5 April) (Expenses and Receipts)


Item receive for gathering at whitsuntide for Humfrey Wileman xvij d.
Item at whitsuntyde for wine etc ciiij d.
ItemIohn Wileman xvj d.
ItemPhillip Holmes xij d.
<.>dward fflower and his horse ij s.


  • Footnotes
    • whitsuntide: 24–6 May
  • Glossed Terms
    • gatheryng vb n collection, here used to refer specifically to the act of collecting money for the parish; gaderyng gathering; gatheringe; gatherynge;
  • Endnote

    This is a problematic entry. Humphrey Wileman and Edward Flower are named in the account heading as churchwardens for 1617–18. The heading reads 'The layings out of Edward Flower and Humphrey Wileman....' The expenses and receipts are jumbled. The second entry (probably wine for the Witsun mass) and the amount associated with Philip Holmes are clearly expenses. Given the proximity of Ashampstead to Newbury (8.5 miles north east) the Philip Holmes named in this account is in all probability Philip Holmes, the musician named in the affray at Newbury in 1600 (see Newbury records). He died in 1640. A shilling is a normal payment for an entertainer. The entry for Humphrey Wileman is clearly a receipt. It is probable that the John Wileman entry and the Edward Flower entry are also receipts.

  • Document Description

    Record title: St Clements' Churchwardens' Accounts
    Repository: BRO
    Shelfmark: D/P 8/5/1
    Repository location: Reading

    The accounting year was from Easter to Easter.

    1611–1888; English; paper; ii + 137; 2 booklets sewn together, first booklet (1611–1751): 315mm x 200mm, second booklet (1754–1888): 318mm x 200mm; modern foliation 3–20; bound in marble boards with soft leather corners and spine, red patch on spine stamped 'Parish Register' with 'No. 2' written in black ink. The original end-papers have the accounts for 1884–5; the accounts for 1886–8 are written on blue paper pasted in at the end of the volume.

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