Borough Minute Book


f 140v (17 August)


Whereas the Mayor Bayliffes and Burgesses hath heretofore bene at greate Charges in Repairing and amending the glasse windowes benches and pavementes of the guildhall by reason of playes there suffred to be plaied/ ffor the avoyding wherof it is this day ordered that no mayor of this Borough from hensfurthe shall geve any leave or license nor permytt or suffre any players whatsoeuer to play in the said Guildhall withoute consent of Eight of the principall burgesses graunted at there meting in the counsell howse of the said Boroughe vpon paine to forfaite and lose fortie shillinges for euery tyme to be abated of his allowance/


  • Document Description

    Record title: Borough Minute Book
    Repository: BRO
    Shelfmark: TEMP ACC 245/1
    Repository location: Reading

    At the time of publication, this document was held at the Berkshire Record Office, where it was on temporary deposit from the Abingdon County Hall Museum.

    1575–1686; English, some Latin; paper; ii + 278 + vi; 430mm x 235mm; modern foliation; rebound in 1912 in brown kid with calf spine, 2 buckles intact, red leather patch on front stamped in gold: 'Borough | of Abingdon | Minutes | to | May 1686 | I,' same on the spine without 'I.' The first folios are 17th-c. orders, decrees, oaths, and freedoms. The minutes begin at the fifth gathering.

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