Corporation Diaries

BRO: R/AC1/1/4

p 13 (14 November)


At this daye Lionell Iackson a Teacher to daunce, &c was Convented to shewe cause of the beinge & staye of him and his wiefe in this Towne, had little to saye, but that he did teache divers gentlemen's Children in the Cuntrye, and promise<.> within fortnight to be gone or ells put in very good security for discharge of the Towne

Mr Thurrell or &c


  • Document Description

    Record title: Corporation Diaries
    Repository: BRO
    Shelfmark: R/AC1/1/4
    Repository location: Reading

    R/AC1/1/2–4 are not elegant books. The writing is hurried and the jottings often seem to have been made at random.

    Jun 1637–Sep 1647; English; paper; ii + 180 + iii; 304mm x 200mm; modern pagination; bound in boards covered in white vinyl, no title, and kept in a box.

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