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  • adrespondeo, -ere, -di, -sum v intr to respond, reply
  • alienus, -a, -um adj alien, of or pertaining to another; in phr alienum es another's money, ie, debt
  • alleatum, -i n nt garlic [cp DML aliatus]
  • americanus, -a, -um adj American
  • armorarius, -i n m var of armurarius [DML]
  • assetum, -i n nt var of acetum [OLD, DML]
  • auffugere v inf var of affugere [DML]
  • auriferarius, -i n m goldsmith


  • balletta, -e n f var of ballada [DML]
  • baliuus, -i n m var of baillivus; ballius [DML]
  • baptistus, -i n m baptist, here, as title of St John, beside the usual baptista
  • bargamentum, -i n nt bargain
  • berckeria, -ie n f Berkshire
  • Bertelinus, -i n m St Bettelin (dates unknown), patron of Stafford
  • berwarda, -e n m bearward, beside the more usual berewardus [DML]
  • botura, -e n f butter [cp DML] butyrum]
  • budellus, -i n m var of bedellus [DML]


  • cantalena, -e n f var of cantilena [DML]; cantalona, -e; cantelana, -e
  • Cantia, -ie n f Kent; Kantia, -e
  • carectata, -e n f var of carrettata [DML]
  • caryandum, -i vb n nt var of carriandum [carriare DML]
  • casius, -i n m var of caseus [DML]
  • casus, -us n m in CL fall, a falling or throwing down; here the form has apparently been confused with caseus, -i n m cheese
  • ce pron var of se [OLD, DML]
  • celerarius, -i n m var of cellararius [DML]
  • certifico, -are, -aui, -atum v tr to certify; as a legal term, to certify formally, eg, the truth of a statement, compliance with an order, or the performance of an obligation
  • cessio, -onis n f var of sessio [DML]
  • chitherator, -oris n m var of citherator [DML]; sitherator, -oris
  • cimiterium, -ii n nt var of coemeterium [DML]
  • cirpus, -i n m var of scirpus [DML]; sirpus
  • cithardus, -i n m one who plays the cithera; here likely a harper
  • cituatum pfp var of situatum [DML situare]
  • coma, -e n f hair; by extension, wig; comibus abl, in error, or of collateral 3rd decl form [DML, OLD coma]
  • corea, -ee n f var of chorea [DML]
  • corneria, -e n f corner
  • couus, -i n m wheatsheaf
  • cumba, -e n f coomb, a dry measure of capacity, equal to four bushels, or half a quarter [OEDO coomb | comb, n.1]


  • deviso, -are v var of diviso [DML, divisare] in phr devisavit aut non devisavit (whether) s/he has bequeathed or not bequeathed; the equivalent of devisavit vel non, the name of an issue from a court of chancery to a court of law that questions the validity of a document purported to be a will [see Black’s devisavit vel non]
  • Dublenia, -ie n f Dublin
  • duplois, -idis n f var of diplois [DML]


  • episcopus, -i n m bishop; ~ puerorum, ~ iuuenum boy bishop, a boy, originally a choirboy in a cathedral or other collegiate church or a student in an almonry school, chosen to act as a mock bishop in liturgical and other observances on the feast of St Nicholas or of the Holy Innocents
  • es, eris n nt brass, money; see alienus
  • escabinus, -i n m alderman [cp DML scabinus]
  • exennia, -ie n f gift, hospitality [DML exenium]
  • exhennium, -ii n nt var of exenium [DML]


  • facalis, -is n f, m, or nt var of focalis [DML]
  • fistulator, -oris n m piper, possibly a generic term for one who plays a wind instrument


  • gentaculum see ientaculum
  • glocestria, -ie n f Gloucestershire; gloucestria -e, glowcestria -e


  • haroldus, -i n m var of heraldus [DML]
  • hernesiatus, -a -um pfp var of hernesiastus [DML, harnesiare]
  • homagium, -i n nt homage, here the jury of a manorial court [cp OEDO homage, n. 2.]


  • ientaculum, -i n nt in CL a light early morning refreshment, breakfast; in AL sometimes a more substantial festive meal; gentaculum, -i
  • iusticiarius, -ii n m justicar, a royal judge, usually of a superior court
  • iuuenis, -is adj young; as subst a youth, young person, in CL a young adult; here, a boy; see episcopus


  • Kantia see Cantia


  • Lancastria, -ie n f Lancashire
  • Leicestriensis, -is adj of Leicester
  • librata, -e n f livery; var of liberata [DML liberare]
  • lodix, -cis n f sheet or blanket, here a sheet worn during ritual penance [cp OEDO sheet, n.1 1.c]
  • Londinia, -ie n f var of Lundonia [DML]
  • luctor, -oris n m wrestler [cp DML luctator]
  • ludus, -i n m entertainment, ‘play,’ of an unspecified kind, not necessarily dramatic [see also DML ludus]


  • Malbanus see vicus Malbanus
  • mencis, -is n m var of mensis
  • Michaelis, -e adj of or pertaining to St Michael; see also terminus
  • ministralis, -is n m a servant; here likely a minstrel
  • minstrallus, -i n m var of ministrallus; monestrallus, -i [DML]
  • moto, -onis n m mutton, sheep, var of multo [DML]


  • Northumberlandia, -ie n f Northumberland



    • palustrator, -oris n m wrestler [Latham palestrator]
    • pandura, -e n f in CL a 3 stringed lute, here evidently a bowed stringed instrument
    • panis, -is n f in CL bread; here the form has apparently been confused with pannus, -i n m cloth, tablecloth; panys
    • paparrus, -i n m var of papyrus [OLD, DML]
    • par, -is n nt pair, set; by extension, suit
    • parachianus, -a, -um adj var of paroecianus [DML]
    • parcellum, -i n n var of parcella [DML]
    • parochialis, -e adj of or pertaining to a parish
    • pedotriba, -e n m a teacher of children [cp DML paedotribes]
    • perquisitus, -a, -um pfp summoned [DML perquirere]
    • plamasti v 2 sg ind act pf var of plasmasti [DML plasmare
    • potus, -us n m drink, here weak ale as distinct from ceruisia
    • presium, -i n nt var of pretium [OLD, DML]
    • promotus, -a, -um pfp pass promoted, used of a proceeding against a person in a church court moved or initiated by someone other than the court itself or a person authorized to make presentment
    • pylagorae, -arum n f pl Athenian deputies in Amphictyonic council (from Greek πυλαγόραι)


    • quindecia, -ie n f literally, a period of fifteen days; likely a fortnight [DuCange]; quindena, -e


    • redeliberacio, -onis n f the act of giving back, restoring, delivering again


    • sepes, -is n f in CL hedge or fence; here the form has apparently been confused with caepa, -e n f onion
    • seruisa, -e n f var of ceruisia [DML]
    • siphus, -i n m var of scyphus [DML]
    • sitharista, -e var of citharista [DML]
    • sitherator see chitherator
    • sitrabartha, -e n f likely harper; perhaps originally in error for citharista
    • supplotio, -nis n f stamping (of feet), trampling [see supplodere DML]
    • suthamptonia, -ie n f Southampton
    • suthamptonienis, -is n f of Southampton


    • terminus, -i n m term, here a law term; ~ Michaelis Michaelmas term
    • tripideum, -ei n nt var of tripudium


    • ueriuetor, -oris n m turnspit, one who turns a spit, var of veruvertor [DML]; ueriueter
    • ueru, -us n m spit, broach
    • uessellus, -i n m vassal, servant
    • uicus, -i n m settlement, borough, village, etc; in phr ~ Malbanus Nantwich, Cheshire
    • uirdis, -is adj var of uiridis [OLD, DML]
    • urserarius, -ii n m bearward [cp ursarius DML]; ursurarius, -ii


    • warennarius, -ii n m warrener, here likely an officer employed to protect game on the commons on behalf of the king
    • Warwicus, -i n m Warwick
    • Wintonia, -ie n f Winchester; Wyntonia, -ie
    • Wintoniensis, -is n f of Winchester; Wyntoniensis, -is
    • Wyntonia, -ie see Wintonia
    • Wyntoniensis, -is see Wintoniensis



      • ystrio, -ionis n m in CL, an actor; sense widening in ML, here an entertainer, or performer of some kind unspecified [see histrio DML, OLD]


        • Glossary Notes

          Words are included in the Latin Glossary if they are not found with the required sense in the Oxford Latin Dictionary (OLD), as supplemented where appropriate by the Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources (DML). Other works consulted can be found in the General Bibliography. Adverbs that are formed regularly from adjectives found in the OLD and DML are not included. Words with unusual spellings have been not been included if they are treated in the text as scribal errors and footnoted, or if they are the result of the following common spelling variations alone:

          c for t before i

          cc for ct before i

          -d for -t in final position

          e for ae or oe

          ff- for f- in initial position

          addition or omission of h

          variation between i and e or ar and er in medial positions, especially before another vowel

          variation between de- and di- as a prefix

          n for m before another nasal or a stop (eg, inp- for imp-)

          intrusion of p in consonant clusters mm, mn, ms, or mt

          doubling of single consonants or vice versa

          Where the same word occurs in spellings which differ according to the list above, the most common spelling is treated as standard and used for the headword. We have conformed to the practice of the OLD as regards 'i/j' and 'u/v' variation: in this glossary only the letter forms 'i' and 'u' are used. If a noun of the first declension appears only with a genitive singular in '-ae,' that spelling is used in the head form, otherwise the ML '-e' is used.

          Nouns are listed by nominative, genitive, and gender; adjectives by the endings of the nominative singular or, in the case of adjectives of one ending, by the nominative and genitive; verbs by their principal parts.

        • Glossary Abbreviations
          1 first person
          2 second person
          3 third person
          abbr abbreviation
          abl ablative
          abs absolute
          adj adjective
          adv adverb(ial)
          AL Anglo-Latin
          AND Anglo-Norman Dictionary Online
          art article
          attr attributive
          CL Classical Latin
          coll collective
          comp compound
          compar comparative
          conj conjunction
          cp compare
          dat dative
          def definite
          DML Dictionary of Medieval Latin from British Sources
          DuCange Glossarium Mediæ et Infimæ Latinitatis
          E English
          EG English Glossary
          exclam exclamation
          F French
          f feminine
          fut future tense
          gen genitive
          Gk Greek
          imper imperative
          indecl indeclinable
          inf infinitive
          interj interjection
          intr intransitive
          L Latin
          LL Late Latin
          Latham Revised Medieval Latin Word-List
          m masculine
          MED Middle English Dictionary
          ML Medieval Latin
          mod modal
          n noun
          nom nominative
          nt neuter
          obj objective
          OE Old English
          OEDO Oxford English Dictionary Online
          OLD Oxford Latin Dictionary
          OT Old Testament
          pa past tense
          pasp passive participle
          pass passive
          per person
          pfp perfect participle
          phr phrase
          pl plural
          poss possessive
          pp past participle
          ppl participial
          pr present tense
          prep preposition
          pron pronoun
          prp present participle
          rel relative
          sbst substantive
          sg singular
          subj subjunctive
          superl superlative
          tr transitive
          v verb
          var variant
          vb verbal